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To read the entire "Improving Food Distribution: Knife, Spoon, and Forklift" article please click the following link.

Improving Food Distribution: Knife, Spoon, and Forklift

Save the Date! The Annual Ace Endico Food Tasting at Yankee Stadium is September 12th 2017



October 13, 2015
Ace Endico Donates a truck load to city harvest

On October 13th, 2015 Ace Endico donated an entire tractor trailer load of produce, meats, cheeses, olive oil, assorted sauces and other foods to City Harvest after our Annual Food Show. The food show, hosted this year by the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, highlighted over 270 vendors.  All donated food was delivered to Church of God in Christ Jesus in Queens, for distribution to families in need, free of charge.


November 21, 2013
Ace Endico just won the Environmental Stewardship Award

Orion Energy Systems presents the Environmental Stewardship Award

Many awards recognize one-time accomplishments.  The Orion Environmental Stewardship award, however, recognizes ongoing environmental benefits derived from your energy management project.  Your project’s positive impact on the environment will continue to be realized for years to come.

The impressive figures denoted on your award plaque are derived from the power reduction calculations that played a role in your decision to install Orion technology.  Plug the power savings into accepted formulae and you arrive at the achieved environmental equivalents.

These figures validate your company’s sincere interest in and dedication to improving the environment.  The figures are a precise record of your ongoing environmental achievement.  Orion believes that record is well worth commemorating and, therefore, proudly presents you with the Orion Environmental Stewardship Award.

A summary of the positive impacts resulting from the Ace Endico Corporation project nominated by Orion Energy Systems:

POWER REDUCTION :: 366,119 kWh displaced annually

POLLUTANT AVOIDANCE :: 233 TONS of airborne pollutants avoided annually

ENERGY CONSERVATION :: equates to planting  67 acres of trees annually

Congratulations on your achievement!


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