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Ace Endico: New England Division

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In 2019 Ace Endico acquired Supreme Dairy Farms, a small but recognizable dairy brand in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Although Supreme is now home to Ace Endico’s New England division, Ace Endico was determined to keep the unique brand identity that New England locals trust and rely on. This Rhode Island distribution center is well located to reach customers in Boston six days a week, and can deliver to food service establishments as far North as Maine.

The Ace Endico New England Division team is comprised of both Supreme Dairy Farm employees and Ace Endico personnel. It is important to have people onsite who are familiar with the expectations of local customers, but also grow the location as successfully as Ace Endico has done in the past.

The New England Fleet is constantly growing as delivery coverage continues to expand.

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Supreme Dairy Farms was founded in Warwick, Rhode Island in 1932 by Thomas Bruzzese, an immigrant from Calabria, Italy, one of the cheese making centers of the world. The Bruzzese family spent years developing a cheese making tradition in Rhode Island by meticulously following old world recipes and techniques.

Supreme Dairy Farms relocated to Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 2011 hoping to position itself to better serve central New England locations like Boston, Providence, and Newport.

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Supreme Dairy’s signature brands of ricotta and mozzarella cheese are staples on supermarket shelves throughout the region.

Ace Endico’s goal is to preserve and grow Supreme’s unique brand identity. Because Supreme’s primary customers are restaurants, delis, pizzerias, and other high-volume prepared food merchandisers, it is a perfect addition to Ace Endico.

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Jason Magnell

Vice President

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Paul Cannillo

General Manager

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