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La Fede

Our premium private label brand of Italian style products and imports. Founded in 1936 by the Cannillo brothers, La Fede brings you the finest Italian oil and vinegar, olives, pasta, tomatoes and tomato products. La Fede is an Italian phrase meaning “the faith”, and we have faith that you will love these products.

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From the Italian translation of the family name “Endico”, Indigo is our original line of products from Italy. With food ranging from meatballs, pasta, and cheese, to oil, vinegar, olives and more, Indigo brings you the highest quality Italian imports.

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Supreme Dairy Farms

For over 85 years Supreme Dairy Farms has been bringing quality food to the New England region. From a product line that became a part of family meals and traditions, to a full line of wholesale products catering to the needs of restaurants, bakeries, and delis, Supreme has been providing only the freshest ingredients to local families.

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Simply Delicious

A collection of local bakeries in and around the New York Metropolitan area craft premium handmade desserts, exclusively for Ace Endico. This partnership allows for a high level of quality control, resulting in a premier dessert line made with locally sourced ingredients, including eggs and milk from New York farms.

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Farmers Pride

Created in 1972, Farmer’s Pride began as a small wholesale produce company making deliveries out of a single van. Servicing high-end wholesale customers such as white-tablecloth restaurants and country clubs, it grew to include three store locations. In 2013 Farmer’s Pride joined Ace Endico to continue providing the highest quality produce, sourced from local farms.

Farmers Pride
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Fresh Choice

Ace Endico’s premium private label grocery line. Customers know that items under the Fresh Choice label ensure the highest quality standard. With products such as oils, bases, seeds, nuts, spices, and much more, Fresh Choice provides chefs with the items they need to keep a kitchen running.

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Founded in 1946 by Raphael Sassone, this specialty line began as an importer of Italian oil. After expanding into flour, cheese, and tomato products, it became a major food supplier to pizzerias throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Sassone joined the Ace Endico family in 2021, where it continues to provide quality Italian products.

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Fresh Catch

Our vast seafood selection is ever expanding with daily product sourced along the East Coast, from Florida to Maine. Through our full-service custom cutting program, we filet and portion to any specification in our state-of-the-art, HACCP approved seafood cutting room. To ensure that customers have the freshest product, Ace Endico picks up fresh seafood five days a week at locally established seafood markets. Fresh Catch is committed to exceeding the expectations of customers, and providing the freshest, most diverse line of seafood available.

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Fresh Catch

Ace Supreme Clean

Providing chefs with a full line of cleaning products to support the needs of a busy restaurant. From dish detergents and oven cleaners, to bathroom, floor, and glass cleaners, Ace Supreme Clean is a one-stop shop for back-of-house supplies

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